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The Mushroom Club, Pune is a unique organization of those people wish to learn to recognize edible mushrooms from  poisonous ones. The Club is also a good excuse for persons who simply want to be outdoors and who desire to learn more about nature and mushrooms in particular. The club is a Govt. registered organization lead by strongly determined, dedicated team of expertise with a vision of Healthier Generation
for the Future.

What We Offer

Apart from Training and consultancy, we organize Contests, Open Courses as well as Custom Made Programs. They are –


  • Mushroom Cookery Contest for housewives.
  • Mushroom Photography Contest for nature lovers & students.
  • Mushroom Healthy Baby Contest for School Children.
  • Mushroom Mini-garden Contest to anybody who maintained his or her individual gardens at home.
  • Mushroom Beauty Contest for college gals.
  • Mushroom Fast Food.
  • Mushroom Courses.
  • Promotional Programs.

Our Philosophy and Vission

By finding ways to reuse agriculture & domestic wastes as value-added raw materials (Organic fertilizers), we can create economic opportunities and jobs while simultaneously preserving our environment and strengthening local conditions. We work to meet current and future generations needs as we build a society based on what the ecosystems can provide. We also grow edible mushrooms on the agro wastes like straw and husk. Thespent substrate helps to restore the impacted areas and may serve as animal feed.

Our training program on Mushrooms through ‘Bio-Business Training Courses’ to the College Students & Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporations Women’s Self Help Groups & the courses includes are proved right from grass root level to the corporate sectors. Our other projects, educational and training activities use a natural, systems based approach that fundamentally shifts the way people see, care for, and use natural resources. We do not force nature to produce more; we do more with what nature provides.


The Indian economy is widely based on Agriculture & the Agriculture in India shows no sign of progress. The production in this sector is characterized by traditional methods of cultivation & seasonal dependency. Moreover, the lack of knowledge & technology among the
farmers has resulted in low production & income.


In today’s health conscious society, stable & nutritive food play an important part. The Mushroom is one of the most suitable fungal organism for producing protein rich food from various agro-wastes without composting.Moreover, the variation in shape, colour, texture & aroma are made available as per grower’s choice.


Since mushroom is highly perishable exotic vegetable, suitable post harvest techniques like preservations by Dehydration & Canning are in practice for quite some time. Where as this course goes complete practical training on how to develop a value added products & better taste by changing the process & ingredients.


 This is an independent non formal course. The aim basically is to impart useful skills and knowledge so that the students participants can be gainfully employed or can start his own unit. This independent and non formal nature will provide the necessary flexibility in regard to syllabus and course in keeping work the needs of the industry and the present society .

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